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Retaining Walls

At first glance, retaining walls may seem insignificant. That’s because they do their job without getting so much attention. At least, that’s how every retaining wall in the greater Austin area is doing. Your retaining walls can be extraordinary as long as you chose them to. But to do that, you need the help of experienced and certified professional contractors in Texas like Speedy Paving.

For nearly two decades, we have been installing sidewalks, patios, driveways, concrete patios, and retaining walls in Round Rock, Lago Vista, Lake Way, Georgetown, Williamson County, Travis County and other surrounding areas of Austin. We consider our every work as a part of a beautiful and practical masterpiece.

Practical Reasons to Install a Retaining Wall

Although installing a retaining wall can be left out, it is much better to always include it in every landscape. Unlike other walls, a retaining wall “retains” the soil. This is significant in areas with slopes of soil. If not stabilized, these areas will sooner or later slide down, damaging the beautiful landscape or worse, damaging properties and taking lives.

That is why even without the retaining walls, many areas with slopes are already built with something to hold back the soil like a net, special nails, and fences. These alternatives will do as temporary remedies, but they are not as durable as segmental retaining walls.

The materials used for retaining walls are extraordinarily strong like bricks, extra durable concrete, and natural stones. They are stacked together so as to resist pressure from the soil, the earth’s gravity, and the natural disturbances like heavy rain and earth quakes.

Due to their practical purposes, retaining walls become a necessary addition to a landscape, building driveways, walkways and sidewalks, and when beautifully separating an elevated residential or commercial area.

Retaining Wall’s Beautiful Purpose

Besides the serious purpose, retaining walls can also serve as a beautifying element for the entire area. Basically, they can be as beautiful as decorative walls. Tall retaining walls can be a mural-mosaic by combining beautiful colors and textures. Short retaining walls, on the other hand, can have the wavy edge instead of the typical straight top.

Besides being the apple of the eye, retaining walls also add that sexy curb appeal to a landscape. They can outline landscape areas and install a strong border for plant boxes. With segmental retaining walls, it will be easier to plant flowers in this area and vines to that other area. Or, violet flowers can stay right here, white flowers over there, and red roses next to it. In this case, retaining walls have become the classier and sturdier alternative to the common wood-fenced plant boxes.

But unlike fences, installing segmental retaining walls is more complicated. You need the help of experienced and licensed professionals like Speedy Paving to get the job done right. Start by getting your free estimate today so you’ll have a reasonable expectation of how much a retaining wall will cost. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or hit us an email right now. We can immediately start planning about the safety and beauty of your residential or commercial area with retaining walls.


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